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About Healthiest Kids University

This current generation of children – your children and mine – has been called “Generation RX” because of the rising number of health problems they are facing, and the unprecedented number of medications they are prescribed – from the treatment of eczema when they are babies and young children, to the potentially dangerous overuse of tylenol and antibiotics for every fever, ear infection and sore throat, to the number of medications prescribed for ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

As a mom myself, now of four grown children, and a Yale trained medical doctor, I get how confusing it is to sort through the overwhelming amount of information out there on how to keep your kids healthy naturally, what to feed them, and what to do when they get sick with common kids’ symptoms and conditions like colds, flu, fever, sore throat, ear infections, coughs, allergies, eczema, colic  – and even the more complex problems they face.

Who you can trust? When do they need a medication? What natural approaches really work? When should you call the doctor? What natural remedies are safe to use at home – and when? It takes a lot of time and energy to figure all of this out,  and if there’s one thing that few of us have extra of, it’s time – or energy – when we’re busy raising kids!

We all want what’s best for our kids, and many of us realize that this is not always just what conventional medicine has to offer.

Healthiest Kids University is about giving you a break from having to figure all of this out alone. The courses in Healthiest Kids University are designed to give you the information you need to feel confident and empowered when using natural remedies, treating your child naturally at home, or when you do need to visit the the doctor. In Healthiest Kids University, I bring you online the courses that contain the accurate information and the natural children’s health solutions you’ve been looking for. 

I’m Dr. Aviva Romm. I make it my job to bring you peace of mind &
reliable information so you can relax about your child’s health.  

What Healthiest Kids University Courses Give You

  • solution


    • Learn how to use herbs, foods, and supplements to support your child’s best health

    • Prevent the overuse of antibiotics and other medications

    • Know when to call the doctor and signs of serious illness

  • spoons


    • Figure out the natural remedies that work for your child – and that are safe

    • Learn how to stock a natural home medicine chest

    • Prepare or purchase herbal remedies that kids will actually take

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    • Find reliable information online when you need it most

    • Meet like-minded parents and share healthy ideas and recipes




Super-Charge Your Children’s Health and
Immunity With Natural Remedies

From Immunity 101 to natural medicines for common childhood symptoms from colds and flu to ear infections, & sore throat, this is the most comprehensive and authoritative online program on natural medicines for children’s health.






Banish Chronic Inflammation
and Restore Your Child to Health

Get to the root causes that lead to eczema, allergies, asthma, and even some autoimmune conditions, including food triggers, environmental toxicants, and more, and transform your child’s chronic inflammation into vibrant health!





This generation of children has earned the title of “Generation Rx” due to the escalating rates of so many conditions like food allergies, ADHD, asthma, diabetes, obesity and autism. As a result, 21st century families are having to learn how to deal with these conditions like never before. Who to trust? Who to listen to? What to do? Aviva Romm is not only a nationally recognized, Yale-trained doctor, but she is also a mother of four grown children. Her insight and expertise professionally and personally are unparalleled.

Robyn O’Brien, Founder, AllergyKids Foundation


Multi Media Learning

• Video slideshow presentations with audio instruction by Dr. Aviva Romm.

• Downloadable worksheets and checklists to help you create a more natural, healthy environment.

• Downloadable Presentations, Audio Transcripts and Audio MP3’s so you can listen on the go!


Natural Remedies

  • Food as Medicine
  • Mind-Body Healing
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Hands-On Healing
  • Conventional Therapies

The Remedies Library

Print remedies to recipes to make at home or find alternatives that you can purchase.


The Parent ‘Hood Community

Connect with parents who are also looking for healthy ways to raise their children!



How to talk with your child’s doctor about their vaccinations, natural therapies, antibiotics, and more.


No Pressure

No exams, no homework, and all done at your own pace.



Effective and efficient online support with any hiccups you encounter while doing the course. We’re here to help you.



Doctor, midwife, herbalist, Aviva Romm is the trifecta of holistic health. She’s created a course that’s easy for parents to engage as active participants in the wellbeing of their children. Dr. Romm’s pleasant demeanor and educational methodology sets her apart from other experts in the field. She is the real deal.  

Latham Thomas, Bestselling author of Mama Glow: A Hip Guide To Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy 


Having known and worked with Aviva Romm, MD for more than 20 years, I can say without hesitation that she is the ideal teacher for guiding parents through the often confusing maze of how and when to use natural medicines safely and effectively for their children. She is a gift. 

Tieraona Low Dog, M.D.

Raise healthier, happier kids.